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Private Investigator in Bristol Comment On The Importance of Keeping Children and Young Adults Safe Online In Light of Telegraph Article: Revenge Porn and Snapchat: How Young Women are Being Lured into Sharing Naked Photos and Videos With Strangers

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(PRWEB UK) 20 February 2013

According to the report in the Telegraph there is a huge pressure for young women to produce sexual, naked pictures of themselves for their teenage boyfriends. This in turn feeds another fad called Revenge Porn, in which young men post naked pictures of their ex-girlfriends online. This social pressure encourages people to share naked photos of each other as part of flirtation and teenage girls unwilling to do this are often branded as frigid prudes at secondary school.

The report goes onto say how Revenge Porn is more sinister than first thought, as the websites not only upload the pictures but some disgusting sites also collate all the other data about the person in the naked picture including name, age, location and social media profiles. These anti-social sites are the homes to the worst manifestations of online rape culture, victim blaming and sexual violence.

Private Investigator in Bristol give information on how parents can keep their school children safe online as well as offering services such as parental computer and phone monitoring. Knowing what is going on at school can prevent a child from this type of exposure.

Olivia Wilkinson, spokesperson from Private Investigator in Bristol said:

In my professional opinion taking naked pictures of yourself on any kind of digital device is a real risk and this and the pressure behind it should be discussed with the child. Once a naked photo is uploaded it can be too late.

Olivia Wilkinson went on to say that being more open about your teenagers life and working together with them and their school could stop this sort of abuse from happening.

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